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It is with a mixture of gratitude and regret that we announce the retirement of our founding partner, esteemed colleague and dear friend, Kinnaird (Kin) Howland, effective December 31, 2020.

Posted January, 06 2021 | Providence, RI

Kinnaird (Kin) Howland,Our gratitude is for Kin’s invaluable support of each of us and our firm, his devoted care of his clients and his unflagging goodwill. Our regret is that his active practice as our colleague has now ended. We will all miss working with Kin on a daily basis, though we will each carry with us myriad skills and insights that we have gained thanks to him.

We believe that each of Kin’s clients has already been informed of his retirement and introduced to other professionals here, but we urge anyone (whether client, colleague or friend) who wishes to contact Kin or be introduced to another member of our team to reach out to our Managing Partner, Max Kohlenberg with any questions.